Food Freedom by Jessica Turton (Accredited Practising Dietitian) is a toolkit of information to help you break free from the negative dieting cycle. This booklet is not designed to tell you what to eat, it was written to empower you with knowledge from high-quality science, clinical expertise and personal experience so that you can make superior food decisions on your own. The WHY is far more important than the WHAT when it comes to diet. Making informed and deliberate food decisions is the key factor for success on any dietary regimen.


The contents of this practitioner-written e-book include:

0.0 The starved brain - why low-Calorie dieting doesn't work

1.0 Food Freedom - the secret to breaking free from the negative diet cycle

2.0 The importance of fats

3.0 What are dietary carbohydrates?

4.0 Insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes mellitus

5.0 Three unsuspecting consequences of poor sleep

6.0 Nutritional strategies for improved sleep

7.0 Nutrition and stress

8.0 Hydration

9.0 Make it personal


Food Freedom E-book

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