The Food Freedom Program provides exclusive access to videos, resources, audio and articles to help you break free from the toxic dieting cycle and achieve Food Freedom. The modules of this program are:
1. What is Food Freedom?
2. The Dark Side of Dieting
3. Fine-Tune Your Physiology


Jessica Turton and Noor Struik are the Food Freedom experts who have designed this course for you. This course is for anyone who wants to be empowered with knowledge and receive the tools for living their best life without feeling controlled by food and dieting.


This program is based on high-quality science, clinical expertise and personal experience so that you can make superior food decisions on your own. This is not a course about mindfulness, because the key to achieving food freedom is not in your head;  it is in addressing your physiology. Learn to understand what your body is trying to tell you through the symptoms you are experiencing. 


How many dials do you have to turn before breaking free from the toxic dieting cycle for good? 


Let us show you.

How to Join the Food Freedom Program:
1. Purchase this product and a Welcome PDF file will be sent to your email inbox

2. Open the Welcome PDF file and click on the link - this gives you exclusive access to the program and all of its content (the program is hosted online)

3. You will now have access to exclusive videos, resources, audio files and articles 

Food Freedom Program


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