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Tarn's Keto

From butter chicken to macadamia nut slice - Tarn's is the place to go for ready-made keto meals and baked goods! All their meals are prepped, cooked, packaged and frozen in store, ready for you to enjoy. Click, Order and wait for Tarns Keto to knock on your door, delivered frozen in a chill bag. Tarn's is a good friend of Ellipse Health and this is the ONLY meal delivery service we recommend.


Louisa Sammartino

Louisa is an Exercise Physiologist who is passionate about helping people manage their physical health. She has worked in both the fitness industry and in a clinical setting and both have one common similarity – people are desperate to heal. Louisa and Jessica have a fantastic working relationship that allows them to create effective projects aimed at helping YOU improve your health!


Low Carb Down Under

Low Carb Down Under brings people together who have an interest in low carb nutrition. This organisation shares the science to help you develop your knowledge and skills to make LCHF work for you (in practice with patients or in your own everyday life). They have a great collection of YouTube videos, books, news articles, scientific publications and recipes. They even hold regular meet-ups and scientific events.

Online Shopping

Low Carb Emporium

Low Carb Emporium is proud to be Australia's largest online specialty low carb store with the widest range of specialty low carb snacks and low carb foods.  This is a wonderful family-run business based in Melbourne VIC. Jessica Turton has closely assessed their entire range and you can apply the filter "Ellipse Health" to see our favourite products. Use code ELLIPSE5% at checkout.


Rowena Field

Rowena is a physiotherapist with 25 years experience in both private practice and 8 years as a rehabilitation consultant for injured workers. Rowena has developed a professional interest in chronic pain management over the last few years and is keen to assist clients that historically have had limited options and may have been poorly managed. She is currently undertaking a PhD with University of Sydney researching dietary interventions for chronic pain.

Sunny Side Up Toast


PBCo (formerly The Protein Bread Co) is an Australian company that believes in the power of natural low carb food to change lives. Since 2012 they’ve been creating natural low carb products that help people feel their best. Recently they launched an Ingredient range, offering the best low carb ingredients at bulk, value prices.Quality Ingredients. No Nasties. No Sugar. 


Brodie Cambourne

Brodie is an Exercise Physiologist and has been working in the area of the brain and exercise since 1996. Brodie became interested in brain development and brain health after working with babies and eventually parents who may be experiencing depression. Her programs focused on providing low anxiety learning environments for parents and carers so as babies could be provided optimal environments to develop and learn.

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