Services listed below are delivered via phone or video (unless a location is specified). When you are selecting your preferred appointment date/time, you can also select the Ellipse Health Dietitian you wish to work with. Ellipse Health Dietitians are a team of experienced healthcare professionals who are ready to support you - no matter your health ailments or goals! We accept referrals from all healthcare practitioners. Please note - Jessica Turton is undertaking her PhD full-time at the University of Sydney during 2021 and is not taking new patients. 

Medicare and Private Health Rebates - If you wish to claim using Private Health Insurance, please contact your Health Fund directly and ask whether you are eligible for online nutrition services delivered by a dietitian. If you wish to claim a Medicare rebate, you must contact your GP and ask if you are eligible for a Chronic Disease Management Plan of which you must allocate visits to a dietitian (up to 5 per calendar year). Medicare and Private Health rebates are not available with Noor Struik as she is accredited in Holland. Please let your Ellipse Health Dietitian know if you wish to claim with Private Health or Medicare as you will require an itemised invoice.

April 2021 Price Updates - In order to continue providing premium nutrition and dietetic services to all new and existing Ellipse Health clients, we updated the prices of all consults in April 2021. Ellipse Health dietitians do a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure you are receiving the highest quality care possible. Our services are based on the latest scientific evidence, and we regularly update our methods and educational resources to reflect the ever-growing field of nutritional research. Jessica Turton, Ellipse Health's lead dietitian, was an invited speaker at the American Diabetes Association 2020 Conference and spoke to an international audience of academics and healthcare practitioners on the role of low-carbohydrates diets and nutritional ketosis in obesity and diabetes. Jessica and her team of dietitians here at Ellipse Health are at the forefront of translating the most rigorous aspects of nutritional science into effective clinical practice. We have great confidence in the efficacy of our services and have no doubt they you will leave each session feeling motivated, confident and empowered to continue moving forward toward your health goals. If you are experiencing financial hardship and would like to be considered for discounted sessions, please email to explain your situation and we will do our best to accomodate you.

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