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5 Ways to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

At some point in our day, week or month we can often find ourselves in a rut for various reasons – family, relationships, work, health etc. This can bring about feelings of overwhelm, stress, anxiety, depression and self worth issues. Life, from time to time will do this to you – I guarantee you, but the most important thing here is how you choose to deal with what comes your way. By changing your attitude and formulating good, positive habits, you put yourself in a much better position to take charge of the uneasy feelings that come with every day stressors.

With the festive season fast approaching and work wrapping up for most of us, I wanted to share with you some suggestions on how to better manage your mental wellbeing to provide you with the energy and emotional balance you need to get you through.

Here are 5 ways to improve your wellbeing:

1. Connect

Connection is a basic human need. There is strong evidence to suggest that social

relationships are critical for promoting wellbeing. This might mean spending some

quality time with a loved one, catching up with a friend or expand your friendship


2. Stay Active

Find an activity you really enjoy doing and make it a part of your life. Physical activity

has a positive affect on your mental wellbeing, so the sooner you schedule in a class

at the gym, go for a walk or participate in a yoga class the sooner you will be

releasing endorphins – the happy hormone!

3. Keep Learning

Stimulating our minds in different ways can provide us with a sense of achievement,

confidence and purpose. Engage in a new activity or research something you have

wondered about, as continued learning through life enhances your self-esteem and

encourages social interaction.

4. Give to others

With Christmas around the corner giving is what this time of year is all about, but I

challenge you in the lead up to do so mindfully in this busy time. It may well be in

the form of a gift or it could be a simple hello, a smile, a thank you or a kind word to

someone you know or you just met. The smallest act of kindness counts.

5. Be Mindful

Finally – the most important state you could possibly be in is ‘the present moment’.

Live in the now and appreciate each moment for what it is. All too often we are

caught up thinking of where we need to be next or how we could have changed the

past and we forget to be in the now. The sooner we learn to be aware of our

thoughts, feelings, physical body and the world around us, the easier it will be to

shift the way we feel about life and how we approach the challenges.

Please take some time in your day to practice these tips. By doing so you are allowing your physical, emotional and mental health to rest, restore and rejuvenate to be the best version of you each day!

Louisa Sammartino

‘Awaken Your Physical Health’

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Accredited Exercise Scientist

Facebook: Louisa Sammartino – Awaken Your Physical Health

Instagram: @louisasammartino

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