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Why I Do What I Do - Melissa

Have you ever been on the internet and read something about the latest and greatest diet, and then the next day read something that completely contradicts what you originally read? Yeah? Well it happens a lot, and it makes understanding what to eat very confusing.

Since I started studying my Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics, I have been asked on numerous occasions “In your opinion, what is the BEST diet to follow?” and it’s probably my least favourite question to answer.

Why? Well because there isn’t one single answer.

There is no one size fits all. There is NO BEST DIET. There is no simple answer. Each individual is unique. Each individual has their own stresses, jobs, day to day routines, sleep patterns, hormone levels, biochemical make up, taste buds, bone composition and many more. With this in mind, how can it be that one way of eating simply suits everyone?

As a dietitian I want to work with individuals to find their best fit. Find the diet pattern that suits their lifestyle, their body and helps them achieve their individualised goals, whilst also not feeling as though they are restricted. On too many occasions I have seen individuals partake in the latest “diet” cutting out foods that they love, feeling constrained and then relapsing as soon as life gets in the way.

I have also seen many young women and men, form bad relationships with food, and develop a negative body image on the back end of dieting. For all my clients I want to prevent this from happening, to prevent people from being afraid of eating and what it might do to their body and prevent people from using exercise as a punishment. Instead I hope to encourage individuals to form positive relationships with food and exercise. To understand and appreciate how food can nourish our bodies and help us function at our optimal capacity.

For this reason my approach to clients is holistic. I look at all aspects of your life including your nutrition, sleep, mental health and physical activity levels. I work with individuals to create a lifestyle change that is sustainable and best suited to their unique situation.

If you would like to learn more about me or schedule a consult, click here.

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