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Ellipse Health is a team of qualified dietitians and nutritionists providing personally tailored dietary interventions to individuals all over Australia. We offer online consultations via Zoom video and face-to-face consultations at multiple locations in Sydney. We pride ourselves on translating the latest scientific evidence into practical diet and supplement plans to help you regain control of your health, for good.

We formulate personalised interventions targeted at improving management of a wide range of health conditions:

  • overweight and obesity

  • fatty liver 

  • hypertension (high blood pressure)

  • dyslipidaemia (high triglycerides, low HDL-cholesterol)

  • insulin resistance and the Metabolic Syndrome

  • diabetes (type 1, type 2, pre-diabetes)

  • polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

  • nutritional deficiencies (e.g., iron, B12, vitamin D)

  • osteopaenia or osteoporosis (low bone mineral density)

  • sarcopaenia (muscle wasting)

  • inflammatory bowel diseases (Ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease)

  • irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

  • food intolerances and sensitivities

  • chronic pain (e.g., migraines, arthritis)

  • disordered eating 

  • anxiety and depression

  • autoimmune diseases

  • Coeliac disease

Other non-specific health issues that we have success in improving with diet include:

  • low energy or fatigue

  • poor exercise recovery

  • dizziness on standing

  • muscle cramps

  • headaches

  • poor sleep and restless legs 

  • weight loss resistance 

  • skin issues (dryness, acne, poor wound healing)

  • hair loss

  • dry and brittle nails 

  • body aches and pains

Let us help you discover what it feels like to the best version of yourself possible!

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By partnering with an Ellipse Health Dietitian, you will have a trusted source of support to help you navigate through the complicated world of nutrition & diet!



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Ellipse Health is a primarily an online practice. If you are a healthcare practitioner and wish to refer your patients to our services, please get in touch with us by email to discuss the best way of doing this. We like to work closely with referring healthcare practitioners to ensure an efficient referral process and achieve the best outcomes for our patients!

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We practice Medical Nutrition Therapy which is a highly individualised way of developing and delivering dietary interventions. Our Sydney-based dietitians offer both online and in person consultations to individuals across Australia.



Today, as a result of working with Jessica, I have more energy, more stamina, fewer cravings, a smaller waist, a flatter tummy and a BMI (Body Mass Index) around 23 or 24. Jessica has empowered and enabled me to better manage complex gut issues, chronic upper back pain, and more recently, coronary heart disease. I like having regular sessions with Jessica as I always come away feeling better and having more tools in my toolbox.


I have been a patient of Jessica’s for around two years and she has changed my life!!!
For over 20 years I suffered bloating and constipation.
I now follow a low carbohydrate diet and feel so much better.
Jessica has picked up things in my blood work that my GP didn’t find.
I would (and have) recommend Jessica to anyone without hesitation.


Jess is the absolute best! I have been seeing her for years due to gastrointestinal issues (which have all been rectified without prescription medication). Jess and Niki were also so supportive throughout my pregnancy journey, offering advice on things I wasn't aware of. You won't find a team of dieticians who are more experienced or kind. I cannot recommend Ellipse Health more highly


Jessica is extremely knowledgeable and has shared with me so much valuable knowledge, tips and resources. I’ve been able to incorporate these into my daily life and they have made noticeable differences. Jessica has been so lovely to talk to. She really takes the time to understand your health situation and your own unique set of challenges and the goals you wish to achieve.


If you are looking for a dietician, I highly recommend Megan! She is amazing!!! If I could give more stars I would!!
I am now two weeks into a healthy lifestyle of eating the right foods and already I have more energy, my bloating has gone, and breakouts are now obsolete!
It has honestly changed my life! I cannot believe how much I underestimated diet!!


Our core philosophy when it comes to diet and nutrition is to go back to basics. Our society has overcomplicated nutrition to the point where no one truly knows what they should or shouldn’t be eating. The fundamental reason that we eat food is to get energy, proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Our individual requirements for energy and nutrients vary depending on our stage of life, activity levels, stress, medical conditions, medications, and many other factors. We teach our patients this foundational knowledge of human nutrition and metabolism to help them create their own unique dietary plan. We encourage them to eat more of the foods that contain the energy and nutrients they need, and less of the foods that don’t. We also teach them how to understand what their body's signals mean and how to interpret their own blood tests. These skills enable them to monitor, evaluate, and adjust their unique dietary plan throughout the different stages of life. These basic principles of nutrition can be applied to everyone, no matter how simple or complex an individual’s circumstances.

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