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Collagen Coffeeshake

Believe it or not, collagen and gelatin in coffee is the best discovery of the year! It is perfect for those who enjoy intermittent fasting as it keeps your hunger at bay for hours so it may just help you extend the fast a little longer. Jason Fung has deemed this fat-fuelled coffee perfectly acceptable to have during a fast because the insulinogenic effect is extremely minimal. Be cautious if you do not tolerate caffeine well as this may stall your efforts, yet the inclusion of fats helps to balance any negative hormonal responses that coffee may give rise to. I must credit Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof Executive for the birth of this incredible beverage. Please use high quality coffee beans that are sourced organically without chemicals and free from mould. If the coffee you are using is making you feel anxious or uncomfortable after consuming it, I would suggest finding something better. Bulletproof coffee beans can be purchased online from for a reasonable price. You will find lots of other cool things on there like collagen and gelatin powders (Great Lakes is a good brand).

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