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Raspberry & Coco Gummies

Gelatin is often overlooked for it's nutritional qualities because we typically associate it with high-sugar discretionary items such as lollies or jelly. But gelatin is a type of animal protein that provides us with important amino acids for optimal health and function. For example, glycine is an amino acid found in gelatin that can lower systemic inflammation by strengthening and/or protecting the gut lining. The consumption of gelatin is also known to improve joint health and it can be a useful tool for sufferers of arthritis or joint pain.

So, how can you get gelatin into your diet? As gelatin is an animal product, you should always try and source it from a good-quality, reputable brand. Great Lakes Gelatin powder is a personal favourite because the cows have be

en pasture-raised and grass-fed. Consuming bone broth or slow-cooked meat on the bone are two common ways to increase your intake of gelatin.

Making healthy gummies is another!

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