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Gut-Friendly Bliss Balls (No Dates)

Bliss balls are the hot new thing in the health and fitness world, but are they really healthy? Most bliss balls are packed full of "natural" sugars like dates, rice syrup, coconut sugar and so on. Though many young, fit individuals can tolerate such foods on occasion, most of the clients I deal with - who experience some form of metabolic disregulation, specifically insulin resistance - cannot tolerate such sugars. Natural or not, these sugars can hinder one's progress or even contribute to poorer health outcomes down the road, if consumed frequently.

I've revamped the standard bliss ball by removing the bulk of the sugars and using a gut-strengthening vanilla powder that won't spike glucose or insulin levels. I've also stuffed these balls with a whole heap of healthy fats and electrolytes! Oh, and they taste delicious!


- 200 g walnuts

- 1 cup roasted coconut flakes (or desiccated coconut)

- 1/2 cup almond meal

- 2 teaspoons Himalayan / sea salt

- 1 T coconut oil

- extra desiccated coconut for rolling

- optional: 85 or 90% dark chocolate, crushed or chopped


1. In a food processor, blend walnuts, coconut oil and salt on high until mixture resembles the form of nut butter or paste. This may take a few minutes! Be sure to turn off the processor and scrape the sides down occasionally.

2. Add remaining ingredients (except for extra coconut and chocolate, if you are using it) and pulse until mixture is well combined.

3. If adding chocolate "chips", transfer mixture to a large mixing bowl and add chocolate. Combine using a wooden spoon (or your hands!).

4. Spread out extra coconut on a large plate. Roll mixture into small (or big...) balls using your hands before rolling in coconut until evenly coated.

5. Allow to cool and harden in fridge for 2-3 hours before consuming.

Top Tip

If you live on your own and/or are concerned about over-eating these delicious treats, you can store them in individual zip-lock baggies and take a bag out the night before you want to eat one.

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