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Sugar-free Chocolate Mousse

This chocolate mousse is a staple for anyone taking a sugar free approach that is missing that extra something! Organic cacao and pure liquid stevia can be purchased online from The colour of the mousse will depend on what type of cacao you use. The picture above was made with different cacao to the picture below. We recommend tweaking both the cacao and the stevia to YOUR taste. You will find that you use less and less stevia and more and more cacao each time you make it as your sensitivity to sweetness heightens. Cacao is a great source of fibre and B-vitamins and it is also a serious mood-booster as a result of its stimulating effect on serotonin production. You can alter the consistency of this mousse by changing up the amount of coconut cream you add in. If you would like it to be lighter and gooey (picture above) then you might want to add a little more coconut cream. However, if you like it dense and fudge-like (picture below) then you might even add slightly less coconut cream. In saying that, use the recommended quantities first and see how you go. It will thicken a little after refrigeration but not overly so (i.e. you don't want your mixture to be runny). Once you have perfected the texture then try adding a few drops of essential oils. You can take out the portion you want and add a drop of pure peppermint or orange oil. The fragrance is unreal and it will add some serious freshness and flavour to an already amazing dessert! Otherwise, top with some fresh berries or just eat it straight from the bowl as it is. You will appreciate its richness and have an energy hit that lasts - satiating you like nothing else.

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